5 helpful yoga poses on how to relieve extreme bloating-yogawithpooja

How to relieve extreme bloating: We all get hit with this digestive discomfort from time to time. To find some natural relief, look to the centuries-old practice of yoga to help stretch those belly muscles and kick-start the digestive system. Any poses or Asanas that brings pressure on your belly & bring your naval centre … Read more

Yoga good for weight loss? | 5 expert answer on losing weight by Yoga | yogawithpooja

Yoga good for weight loss:Well yoga isn’t historically thought of associate cardiopulmonary exercise, there are selective sorts of yoga that are a lot of physical than others. Active, intense varieties of yoga will assist you burn the additional calories. This would possibly facilitate forestall weight gain. Ashtanga, vinyasa, and power yoga are good samples of … Read more

Can we do Yoga in periods?-yogawithpooja

Offcourse you can practice yoga in periods,infact you should practice yoga if you are not the beginner as it can relax your body and make you feel calm.Yoga also helps in regulating your menstrual cycle and also helps in alleviating the cramps to a large extent. Do you know may 28 is celebrated as menstural … Read more