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Yes,we all feel anxiety at some phase of our life.but there is a solution to it.Well it depends on your condition and your response to every situation and your mind and it differs individually because all are different.Before knowing about best Yoga poses for anxiety,you should know about what is the meaning of anxiety,I have written on this,you can go through it know do you really feel anxiety or not?

Some people need rest and some needs more physical exercise.So the best way to try different kind of excercises like yoga,running,hiking,intense workout etc. and observe carefully,the effects on your mind and body and choose the one that suits you the best.

You can also practice different styles of Yoga and the more knowledge you have about anatomy of yoga,the more you are able to practice according to situation and individual nature.

I would also like to add meditation and Contemplating your values,attitudes,people surround you,people that makes you anxious and the things that relax you.You should include some activity in part of your daily life.

Symptoms of anxiety

  • You feel scared,panicky and uneasy.
  • You often get uncontrolled,obsessive thoughts of past traumatic experiences.
  • You usually wake up from frequent nightmares
  • you repeatedly wash your hands
  • you don’t get proper sleep
  • your hands and feet gets sweaty and you get frequent palpitations.

Best Yoga poses for anxiety

1.Ustrasana (camel pose)

It increases the flexibility in the spine and stimulates then nervous system.It stimulates the thyroid and opens the chest and shoulders.Releases pent up stress and enhances blood circulation throughout the body,and this process combat anxiety.

2.Setu Bandhasana(Bridge pose)

Stretches your back and leg muscles.Increases blood circulation and helps combat sleep disorders.Reduces anxiousness.

3.Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Strengthens your spine and soothes sciatica.Stimulates organs in the abdomen and improves Digestion.Is is found to be effective to treat stress symptoms like headaches and fatigue.

4.Ardha Matsyendrasana(Half spinal twist)

It increases flexibility of your spine and releases tension from the spine;reduces back pain and stiffness.Loosens and stretches the hip joints.Calms the nervous system and improves round shoulders and silences the mind.

5. Balasana

It helps releases shoulder,neck and upper back strain,calms the body and mind through steady conscious breathing.