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For more balanced your life,Yoga is the key as it is a complete form of living and changes that practice of yoga brings into your life are really wonderful.It will bring the magical transformation to your life.There are different types of Yoga and their asanas.It is not possible to sup up all the Yoga forms here but I can tell you different types of Yoga classes for beginners.

Each and every Yoga asana has its own effect on a human life.The motivation to practice yoga differs to individuals and is likely to change over time with continuous practice.Modern world has huge demands global market for Yoga,reflects to the desire for beauty,flexibility,fitness as well as healthy body goals of stress reduction.If you are a beginner,you can take up Yoga classes depending upon your preferences.

Different types of Yoga classes

1.Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental technique is practiced to bring calmness to mind and soul even though you have hectic busy routine still you will be feeling deep serenity inside and enlightened soul.

2. Sudarshan Kriya

Sudarshan Kriya technique is breath for health as it is practice for stress management purpose. By practicing this technique brings psychological satisfaction and also regulates immune system.

3. Vipassana Yoga Class

Guru Rajesh Ranjan,who runs the yoga training school in goa,says that this technique is practiced to purify the inner soul with sacred silence is the best method to give your inner self purified and new birth.Its not easy to follow 10 days silence technique but if you really want to cherish your inner soul with a new refined you then one must practice this technique.

4. Hatha Yoga Training Classes

Hath Yoga has big hierarchy of asanas.It is the most beneficial combination of simple as well as complicated yoga asanas.It is like a pizza of all flavors,its a little bit blend of everything.Here you will move through different poses and hold each for a few breaths.

The training course of Hatha yoga level 1 is about 200 hours which is which is designed for three different cateogaries of practices and these are:

  1. Beginner level
  2. Preparatory series
  3. Foundation series

Along with learning of low to high level yoga techniques,depth knowledge of all kind of yoga philosophies could be taught by the most competent teachers in any good yoga institute.

5. Kundalini Yoga classes

Kundalini Yoga has same purpose like Hatha Yoga which is practiced to transform your life and to bring balance and harmony to your life.According to the history of Yoga,Kundalini Yoga is originated from tantric tradition which was practiced to drag the energy compiled in the spine to the whole body.The last stages of Mantra is when the energy of the body reaches to the brain and enlightens the body completely.

The basic purpose of Kundalini Yoga teachings is to develop the youth in such a way that they should know how to awaken the full potential their body holds and also teaches,how to cultivate the inner stillness which will help them to do excellence in every field of their life.

  • 5-10 minutes of warm up excercise where teacher gives you some spiritual lessons.
  • Basic level of work out will be taught in the form of kriya
  • Then the body needs relaxation for 5-10 minutes through practicing Savasana.
  • In the last,Little time will b given for meditation.Here You will be performing different mantras and mudra spending about 15 to 30 minutes.

6. Iyengar Yoga classes

In this class,you should be prepared to take lot of information.This is not like other classes where it flows from one Yoga pose to the next.Here you will be taking deep dive details of each Yoga posture using props like chair, straps,blocks,ropes to understand the alignment and structure.It’s good for the people who are dealing with pain(especially back pain)or another medical issues.Its a good approach for the people who are new to the Yoga practice and haven’t been active in a while.

7. Bikram/ Hot Yoga classes

In Bikram Yoga Class, you will be moving through 26-pose sequence and two breathing exercises which was created by bikram choudhury in 1970s who brought the practice to California from India.This type of Yoga is the combination of heat and strenuous practice that can make you feel especially hard.It is ninety minutes long and practiced in a room of 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40 percent humidity.The room will be kept bright without music and student face mirrors to check out the alignment and posture

8. Yin Yoga classes

Yin Yoga is also known as Taoist Yoga and mainly focuses on lengthening of connective tissues within the body.It compliments Yang Yoga or muscle forming Yoga practices.It is a meditative practice that allows your body to become comfortable in a pose without applying any strength.

If Yang is considered as active then Yin is passive,it means the muscles are allowed to relax with the rest and gravity.This is performed by using props and no music in the class.

There are many styles of Yoga with unique benefits.Practic Yoga daily with consistency and dedication to harvest the benefits of it.Yoga in the morning is preferred for me as well as many people.We will discuss about each Yoga form in my further blogs.

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