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Yoga in bed:I know people are lazy to do morning yoga or some people have medical issues to get out of bed and perform the yoga on the hard surface using mat but people are having medical issues are exceptional to do Yoga in bed with proper care and only few poses.

If you think,doing yoga in bed is much beneficial,then you mistaken here,I would not recommend anyone to do Yoga in bed because while performing our full body(neck,back,stomach,quads,calves etc.)goes under stretch lot of stress.

When you are lying on the mattress,you would notice that it deforms according to our body positions(postures).It may or may not harm you but surely it won’t make much change to your body.

So the purpose of doing particular yoga pose will not achieved completely.No,In my opinion it’s not safe.There are many reasons behind my opinion like

  • Classic texts of Yoga always recommend to practice Yoga in firm surface using mat or blanket to serve as a cushion.
  • Practice of Yoga asana is about bringing balance and strengthening to your body.
  • To perform yoga asana safely,it requires firm surface without putting undue strain on the body.

Experiment it (Yoga in bed) yourself

Perform some basic Yoga asanas like padmasana,paschimottanasana,vajraasana on bed and on floor.

Now you will notice that on bed it becomes easy and you will not be feeling any stretch and also it may harm your hands or any other body part, becoz of mattress deforming according to your body positions and the purpose of maintaining balance and strengthening your body remains unfulfilled.

Hence it is recommend to practice yoga on a hard surface and it should be practiced the way it has been preached in texts.

Breief Reason to not recommended yoga in bed

So if you are thinking about an idea like Yoga in bed is easy and quick,so stop thinking that because the best place to practice yoga to get the benefits of performing it is on hard surface using properly with mat or blanket and if someone tries to do Yoga on mattress,where the surface is groovy and irregularity in the firmness of mattress in the bed doesn’t allow for the type of ‘sambhav’ in the neuromuscular structure,which are looking to achieve it with Yoga.Symmetry of left and right portions of body is essential and that can only be achieved when the antagonist pairs have proper connection with the gravity to rest upon.

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