Yoga for back pain upper

Many people are dealing with upper back pain,Yoga is what doctors must have suggest you.Yoga is a mind-body therapy oftenly recommended to treat not only upper back pain but also stress which accompanies it.There are lot of appropriate poses which can strengthen and relax your body. If you are practicing yoga even few minutes a … Read more

Types of Yoga Hatha | poojafitdiva

Introduction of Hatha Yoga BKS Iyengar said,Hatha yoga in the context of Hatha Yoga Pradipika,is an integrated science leading towards spirituality. Definition of Hatha Yoga: Hatha can be translated as ‘forceful’or ‘wilful’ or the yoga of activity. Hath= ‘ha’ means prana or the sun,’tha’ means mind or the moon,the Yoga of Balance. The union of … Read more

Types of Yoga-list | yogawithpooja

What is the Meaning Yoga? As per Akhand Sutra,the real meaning of science of yoga is to unite the hundred trillion cells of the human body called Jivatma with the indwelling human soul called antaratma and the consciousness of the ultimate,Formless,Omniscient,Omnipotent and all pervasive Universal Consciousness called Nirakar-Nirgun-Brahman(God-Nature-Parmatma),the source of everything in the universe,within the … Read more

Morning Yoga For complete Beginners | yogawithpooja

In our everyday life,yoga encounters as “exercising flexibility” These two words have profound meaning although most people state it as a physical realm.The meaning of these words grows on the practitioner with experience.Yoga is the science of awareness. What is Yoga? The word yoga is originated from sanskrit word ‘yuj’ means to yoke or bind … Read more