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Introduction of Hatha Yoga

BKS Iyengar said,Hatha yoga in the context of Hatha Yoga Pradipika,is an integrated science leading towards spirituality.

Definition of Hatha Yoga:

Hatha can be translated as ‘forceful’or ‘wilful’ or the yoga of activity.

Hath= ‘ha’ means prana or the sun,’tha’ means mind or the moon,the Yoga of Balance.

The union of pranic and mental forces,a duality that exists in everything.

Hath Yoga is one of the branch of the discipline of yoga which involves the range of bodily postures,which are originated in southern part of India between third or fifth centuries.It is a derivative of other branches of yoga.

Hath Yoga is the combination of breathing exercises, various movements of body and meditation.Some of principles found in hatha yoga are vinyasa yoga,power yoga,ashtanga yoga,Kundalini yoga,hot yoga.

Hatha yoga is a series of various kind of physical postures that are useful for overall health and well being.

This path of yoga is originated mostly in southern parts of India,specifically in haryana state.It combines relaxation,meditation, deep breathing techniques and practiced by many yogis including some of the most celebrated yogis like Gautam Buddha,Maharishi Patanjali.One of the best benefit is it has the ability to reduce stress and improve one’s overall being.

Types of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is consist of various kind of body positions or asanas.Each posture has it’s own health benefits and purpose.So they are referred as asanas.

Basically there are 4 types of Hatha Yoga:

  1. Pranayama ( breathe control)
  2. Kapalbhati ( controlled breathing)
  3. Mudra( controlled movement)
  4. Pannakassu (seated asanas)

Basic Rules of Hatha Yoga

Many of this poses are suitable for beginners while other can be modified for advanced level practitioners.

The primary goal of Hatha Yoga is to relax the body and mind.To perfom this,the practitioner must purify himself or herself mentally by controlled breathing exercises,deep-rooted asanas and deep-meditative stretches.

There is a possibility to learn basic yoga poses(pranayama) without having any previous training,however it would be easier for beginners to have atleast some level of experience in data niyamas.

Most Hath Yoga classes starts with the introduction of niyamas.After this,yoga guru will focus on to more advanced hatha yoga postures which require more physical strength and skills.

If you only practice asana which is not enough to achieve hatha yoga fitness,because niyamas practice allows you to focus your mind and strengthen your body.

It important to practice hatha yoga as it helps to achieve the balance between mind,body and spirit.

Objectives of Hath Yoga

  • Hath Yoga asanas are designed to align and calm your body,mind and spirit to prepare for meditation.The purpose of meditation is to purify the mind,but before being able to do that the first step is to work on your body,calm the mind and balance the flow of energy through asana and pranayama,purify the body with shatkarmas: intestines,stomach,nervous system and other systems.
  • Hatha Yoga is aimed to create an absolute balance of interacting activities and processes of physical body,mind and energy according to swami Satyananda saraswati.He has also mentioned that if this balance is achieved, then the central force,sushumna nadi,can be awakened and that supposes to allow human consciousness to evolve.
  • The postures of Hatha Yoga are designed to open many channels of the body,so that the energy can flow freely especially through spine which is the main channel of human body.

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