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Mind blowing facts on Yoga come to me often from my own experience after practicing for a while and putting my attention into it.Definitely not mine but read a scripture,or reading books of old-time-sage and by learning from what happens to me in my daily life.

It really blows your mind when you experience how Yoga has an intelligence underlying the practices that enriches your own life and makes you more useful as well as how it brings happiness and peace,But that’s not enough,we want mind-blowing.

Infact yoga is not just about postures, it is way more than that,it is not mind blowing to us, we already knew about so let’s dig a little bit deeper.

1.Flexibility of the mind not the body

First time I have heard about “pattabhi jois” say those words,I was stunned,especially because he said in very simple way with no extra words”Body is not stiff,mind is”.

It really blew my mind when people says that they can not touch their feet therefore decided to not to do Yoga,I had never thought in that way.

It is actually shifted the way I perceived Yoga poses,I never realized that even though our body has limitations,however alignment,proper breathing,patience can work miracles in any body and yes even those who think that they will not be able to touch their feet in a forward bend will eventually do.

2.Guess what is the most vital organ in our body?

I am sure you will say heart!but not for the yogis.

According to yogic perspective,there are two main organs;The lungs and when you come to think about it.

a)If breathing is the most important function of our body then this makes sense.

b)If both lungs and heart are either there or you die,then why not choose lungs ?after all they are as important as heart.

c)Finally we can say that working of the heart are pretty much not in our control (unless we become advanced at yoga) but the working of our lungs (expanding capacity,filling them with oxygen)can be somewhat worked according to our will through our breath.

The father of Yoga and teacher master of last century “Krishnamacharya”is the one who can open your eye if you read ‘The Yoga Makaranda’.It is congruent with the focus of breath and makes you look at the life bit different.

3.Measuring life-span in breaths not in years

This is another perception that comes through the breathing practice of yoga or rather when we realize that emphasis is on how we breathe.

Once you break those conventions tactics we all follow and by which our life-span is measured in years and change it to how many breaths we have instead,then everyone one of them becomes important,critical and something we used to take for granted becomes center of attention.

Yogis are Connoisseurs of the breath,they treat it like the rare and fine treasure it is,they study it thoroughly and aim it to make smooth,long and peaceful.

4.Its a 24/7 practice

I know it might not sound to you mind blowing but it turns to be when you realize that it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing,you are practicing.There is a special practice for each moments of the day and this is especially designed to deal with problems of our times.

For example:By eliminating the crappy people out of your life so your mental energy wont be consumed by hating rather it is redirected to more useful and beautiful things,like becoming the radiant person,when we get out of our own way.

I bet, you didn’t know the teachings like this are incorporated in Yoga philosophy.

Suggestions like these for daily life are all included in some book consider”bible” of yoga,a book written 2500 years or so called the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.There is a specific line in the book which doesn’t say much,just says “ignore”.

One more example: If there is ONE measurement by which you could check whether the person is practicing practicing Yoga is that he will be kind.

They will not mean to you in person or through the internet and also they will not make you feel inferior or treat you with disrespect.This is mind-blowing fact about Yoga.

5. The path ends here and it actually never began-The big mind blowing fact

This is how the path of yoga will be experienced,for those people who take it seriously.(I.e.practicing everyday,focus on it and learning more about it)

We start with the body and one of those classes with the body which are everywhere because the body is the most visible thing we ‘think’ we have.

Then our body uses its magnificent intelligence and starts to inform us of the things we need to consume less of (food and like news,affairs) so we can enter certain poses in the next practice.Slowly we tend to eat more nutritious things on that note we eliminate better(as in going to the bathroom often)

we let go of things who do not required and start to have only things we really needed.This also extends to people(There are people in our lives we can do best without them).Suddenly our whole life becomes clean and we need less things.

Then at some point,we will realize that the whole practice of breathing and how we breath because our breath that is ultimately related to our mind activity,Agitated breath equals to an agitated mind.So once we begin to practice breath extention and retention which in turn lead us to better and more alert states of concentration.

Suddenly our mind is “ARRESTED” and we are…HERE.What it means is that suddenly you stop elaborating thoughts like for example,thinking”who is this writer,writing this blog?”, “how much does she know about yoga”,”what will I do after my dinner”,”When will I do my singing practice”,”or wonder where is this all in Yoga scriptures”? and rather the mind is silent.

We can still cross check the sources of Yoga,we ware not idiot,but what we become is more efficient it means we will still question if we have to but we stop this mind drama and it will be gone,we are present with the constant commentary or judgment of the mind and therefore we are here.

Now we sense with the body and embody “beingness” rather than spending our energy to slice and dice with the sharp and never happy mind.

There is no need to try to control convince anyone about anything.In other meaning ,we know we arrived but we never left in the first place.

We were always home and we are here in the present.

6.Turning dust into Gold

Did you notice,that all previous mind blowing facts on Yoga have one thing in common that is theh all contain the magic of changing ourselves,in a positive way.

Don’t know about you but this is really hard for me to change and be calm,since yoga I have become more flexible.

Do you know when real miracle happens,the real going through the rabbit hole happens when we are able to shift our perception.That is what I meant in alchemy when the shaman or magician or whatever the character turns into gold.There was never dust,there was never gold ,the real alchemy is in the perception of the observer.

Some mind blowing facts about poses and breathing

There are 4 poses that are mentioned in pretty much all the scriptures that are labeled as “most important” two of them are the lotus and set of inversions.There are also lots of mind blowing facts about breathing but here are three,that will blow your mind.

7.Inversions as anti-aging agents

When you look at yourself in the mirror and then have a look at your 20 years ago old photo,you will find that some things are changed.It would be silly to pretend that the sagging of the skin reflected on the mirror is not also happening inside,to our internal organs.

Inversions-when these poses are especially done well(best to learn with the help of teacher)with smooth and long breathing help all the internal organs to remain in their original place and from which they have been moving by effects of gravity.my mind was blown when I heard that ramaswamy tells this story at one of his workshops.

8.Lotus pose as Enlightenment ship

The Sage yogis tell the fascinating thing about this lotus pose is that it provides the best balancing foundation for meditation.Not just in sense that the body gets well supported and that pose favours in the right alignment of the spine,but also in the sense that the part is slightly in contact with the floor-when you do the pose well-is the area between the perineum and the anus,a sacred area from the yogi perspective.Because it is the root chakra,the base where the energy sprouts from.

The lotus will put all the odds in your favor that if you do it following proper technique (clear mind,after asana,and on and on ,way beyond this piece of writing) then you can be rooted in the earth just like the a lotus flower rooted on the mud but through the spine soar into the opening of a lotus flower, above water.or in other words,return to this moment and get our of your own way.

9.Finally very practical thing that will blow your mind is from Iyengar

He says that In every 30 minutes of practice,we should allow to take 5 mins of rest(savasana or corpse pose) so that the nervous system has time to come back to it’s normal state and to center and so we are not over excited all the day.How many of us knew that?But most important is how many of us will actually follow it?

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