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Yoga has become most desirable practice in today’s busy lifestyle.It is true that Average people can get the refreshment and a chaotic experience from their busy lives by practicing yoga,whether you are practicing downward facing dog on a mat in your bedroom or in an Indian ashram or even in NewYork City’s Times square.Yoga has provided many other physical and mental health benefits.

Types of Yoga

“What is the benefits of doing Yoga?” Before coming to this question first we should know types of Yoga.There are various types of Yoga and Hatha yoga is one of the most popular styles.It is the combination of physical yoga and meditation.Hatha yoga is mainly focusing on pranayamas(breathing control excercises) which are followed by the series of Yoga asanas (yoga postures),end with savasana (resting period).

The aim of practicing Yoga is to challenge your body physically but don’t get overwhelmed.At this point,Your focus should be on your breath while your mind is accepting and starting to get in calm state.

What is the benefits of doing Yoga?

This is the most commonly asked question on many forums as people are curious to know the health benefits before practicing it regularly.Once you get to know the benefits,you will be addicted to Yoga.

1.Mental and physical awareness

Yoga develops breath and strength of mind and body.It focuses on body’s abilities at the present moment.Yoga develops inner awareness of your body.

Yoga is not only about physical aspects of your body,do you know Yoga studios don’t have mirrors,so that people can focus on their ingoing awareness rather focusing on how a pose or people around them looks.In Many surveys,those who performed Yoga were more aware of their bodies than people who didn’t practice Yoga.

2. You will become mindful eater

Mindfulness” is to focus on your attention what you are experiencing at the present moment without judging yourself.

Practicing yoga will increase the mindfulness not just in your personality but also in other areas of your life.

According to researchers,Mindful eating as non judgemental consciousness of emotional and physical sensations associated with eating.

In many experiments,people who practiced yoga became mindful eaters according to their scores.If you are practicing yoga every years with few minutes of practice a week,then there is changes if getting better mindful eating scores.Yoga helps you to be more well informed,that how youd body feels.This type of intensity awareness may carry over to mealtime as you take each bite or sip,and note how food tastes,smells and feels in your mouth.

3.Boosts weight loss and maintenance of the body

People who are reacting Yoga regularly are more in tune with their bodies and eating habits also and they become more sensitive to feeling of fullness and hunger cues.So it helps in weight loss.

In many surveys,those people who practiced Yoga 30 mins once in a week for atleast four years,gained less weight during their middle adulthood.People who are practicing yoga has lower body mass index compare to those who didn’t practice Yoga.Mindful eating can make a good relationship between food and eating.

4.Enhancing flexibility and fitness

Yoga has the ability to soothe anxiety and tension in your mind and body and yoga can also impact on a individual’s excercise capacity.

Researchers did a experiment on small group of sedentary individuals.They had not practiced yoga before,but after practicing Yoga for eight weeks atleast twice a week,participants had greater muscle strength and flexibility, endurance,cardio-respiratory fitness.

5. Improves Cardiovascular health

Various small studies have found that Yoga has a positive impact on cardiovascular risk factors.It can help in lowering blood pressure who has hypertension. Cardiovascular risk factors like ‘baroreceptor sensitivity’ which can be restored by yoga and this can helps the body senses to keep the stability in blood pressure and maintain balance.

Another research have shown that practicing Yoga improves lipid profiles in healthy patients as well as the patients with known coronary artery disease.This process has also lowered the excessive blood sugar level in patients.Yoga is being involved in many cardiac rehabilitation programs due to its stress relieving and cardiovascular benefits.

If you are a beginner in Yoga so before starting Yoga,please check with your doctor whether your body is ready for Yoga or excercise if you have severe health issues.

Now studies are going on,whether yoga can help people with arthritis and depression and improve survival from cancer.

Practicing yoga regularly can bring calm and mindfulness in your busy life.

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