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If you are a beginner thinking to lose weight by yoga,then you need to produce heat in the body.This can be done throught the movement of the body.People who are beginners for Yoga should read about the importance of Yoga in our life.If you are unfamiliar with Yoga,then I would start with the Surya Namaskara( Sun Salutation series).It loosens the body,creates heat and prepare you for the other poses which require strength and flexibility.

Surya Namaskara(Sun Salutation) is a pose in itself but modern Yoga breaks sun salutation series into a series of twelve poses.

Step 1:Pranamasana

Step 2: First you should start with the mountain pose,stand erect but do not lock your knees.Now lift your arms and move into backend while standing as shown in picture.

In the above picture,it is shown deeper backed,it can be slight backend and not recommended for beginners.

Step 3:Then you move into forward direction folding your body towards the ground and bend your knees if you can touch the ground with the tips of your fingers.

If you are not flexible,some yoga teachers will recommend that you can come up into a half forward fold while others do not.

Step 4:Move your right leg back,You will get into lunge.

Step 5:Move down into a plank,you can feel difficulty while doing this pose as you are beginner.It strengthens your core.

Step 6: From plank position,move down until your knees,chest and chin touch the mat.

Step 7.Then you will be doing slight Cobra pose.

The picture shown above is little deeper for beginner.You basically life your head and shoulders off the ground using your back muscles.However above picture also showing the practitioner using her back muscles,which is appropriate.Too many beginners does the mistake of relying on their arms to perform Cobra pose,which is not the correct way to do the posture.

Step 8: Then You move back into downward facing dog.

Step 9: From there move your right leg forward to get into a lunge position.

Step 10: Move the other leg forward,move your body forward to make forward fold.Bend your knees if you can’t touch the fingers to the ground.

Step 11: Now move slowly in standing posture and move your body with slightly backward

Step 12: complete the series with hands folded over your heart.

In the beginning,you must be feeling tired or slipping or not completely coming into lunge position properly.It is better to master each step if the sequence instead of speeding the series,as Surya Namaskara( Sun Salutation) is very graceful pose,vinyasa that encourages balance of the left side (Moon,Feminine) to the right (Sun,Masculine).Performing it slowly is more challenging than moving quickly as you feel each pose.Experienced yoga practitioner do 108 times Surya Namaskara( Sun Salutations) as a way of greeting new season or even in the beginning of the week.It takes lot of practice and endurance to reach at that level.

Enjoy practicing yoga,Thid Is really good introduction to movements based yoga,sequences the breath also called vinyasa yoga.If you practice daily with following healthy diet can definitely help you in lose weight.

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