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How to relieve extreme bloating: We all get hit with this digestive discomfort from time to time. To find some natural relief, look to the centuries-old practice of yoga to help stretch those belly muscles and kick-start the digestive system.

Any poses or Asanas that brings pressure on your belly & bring your naval centre in correct position are useful.Whereas Anulom Vilom Pranayama will increase your metabolism or Agni Tatva(fire element) thus enabling proper digestion. Also agnisar kriya & Jalandhar bandh,moolbandh are also helpful in indigestion.However all these requires proper practice & right guidance of yoga.

There are mudras which are very effective & easy can be done by anyone. Do prana mudra & Apan mudra 20 minutes each every day leaving gap of 90 minutes after eating.you can do vayu mudra immediately after eating till gas is released. If there is pain in chest due to excessive gas movement upwards then do apan vayu mudra for immediate relief.(how to relieve extreme bloating?)

Strictly suggested not to eat fast food, fermented foods,oily foods,beans, potato, overnight prepared food or hard to digest food like meat.Eat some local food that is grown in 100 kilometres radius of your location.Also take morning meal(not just breakfast) with in 150 minutes of sunrise,& evening dinner before sunset.Don’t eat anything after sunset, avoid drinking water during night.This will really help at some extent but there can be other specific reasons of bloating and curenesse may take more time.

How to relieve extreme bloating?

The best type of yoga for digestive issues is yoga nidra which focuses mostly on calming the nervous system, which in the professional opinion by digestive health coach, is probably the most important factor in improving digestive health and function.

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation done in savasana with support (a pillow or bolster) under the knees.

Another eastern-based exercise that is excellent for digestive health is chi gong because not only does it calm and ground the system, thus reducing anxiety, it also promotes the flow of energy and detoxifying body fluids like lymph.(5 useful Yoga poses on how to relieve extreme bloating)

Both these practices will greatly support digestive health and healing. Especially for anxious or stressed out people. Stress and anxiety is a great inhibitor of digestion.

You can beat the belly bloat with these 5 yoga poses


This asna is also known as wind-relieving pose or Apnasana is very helpful to get relief from extreme bloating and gas pain.To start with, lie down on your back and place your hands on the knees.Exhale, hug your knees to your chest. To maximize the stretch, rock your knees from side to side. Stay in this position for five to ten breaths and when you inhale, loosen your grip to allow your legs to move away from the stomach. Repeat this few more times. This yoga pose puts the required amount of pressure to get rid of the pain that happens due to bloating.

2. Kandharasana

This pose is also known as bridge pose,another asana which can give you relief from extreme bloating.Lie down on the floor,bend your knees,keeping your arms besides your body.As you exhale lift your lower back,upper back middle back off the floor to give your chest a good stretch.Hold this posture for a minute and exhale as you release the pose.This yoga asana also helps in strengthening the legs, relaxes the shoulder muscles, and more. Adding another benefit here is the relief from anxiety.

3. Paschimottanasana

This is also called as seated forward bend pose can help you relive stress that may be affecting your digestion.Yoga usually helps to keep your mind and body at peace to get rid of various health concerns.Process of performing this asana,sit on the floor with legs in front of you,Keeping your back straight, slowly hinge forward at the hips and lower your torso. Hold there for five to ten deep breaths. This will in turn make digestion a much smoother process. Also, ensure that you do not stretch way beyond the capacity and depending on your stomach health. If the bloating is extreme and comes with pain, take it slow for maximum relief.

4. Malasana

This pose is also known as Garland pose,which can be done with support and it is calming and introspective.It compresses the belly aiding in a healthy elimination stance that can ease IBS.

Stand on the floor and feet apart as shoulders,bend the knees and lower the hips towards the floor,coming into squat position.Be sure to keep the heels on the ground,Bring your upper arms inside your knees and bend the elbows to bring the palms together into anjali mudra (prayer position).stay here for five breaths and then release hands to the floor and strengthen the legs to get back to normal position.(5 useful Yoga poses o how to relieve extreme bloating)

5. Balasana

It is also known as the resting pose, this is a basic move you can use for a relaxing stretch.Stay in this position for five breaths or more.

Sit on your knees and feet with your legs spaced wide apart. Lean forward direction,stretching your arms in front of you.And then, keeping your back straight, place your forehead on the floor.

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